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b r i l l i a n t colors .

be inspired by colors that surround you every day !

embroidered flair

* find stitching to add character to a look*

[ top: Forever 21. jeans: Mango. sandals: Banana Republic. ]

textured wonder

* create an eye-catching look by mixing and matching textures, along with shades and patterns *

[ top: Alice + Olivia. shorts: Zara. wedges: BCBG]


* maxis are all the rage, but find one that really makes a statement on its own*

[ top: Zara. skirt: Zara. ]

accented color block stack

* add small accents to differentiate and break up the stacking of color blocks *

[ top: Francesca’s. jeans: Zara. pumps: Vince Camuto]

accented color block

* utilize accessories to color block a look *

[ top: Zara, shorts: Forever 21, purse: Francesca’s, pumps: Vince Camuto. ]

cut out embroidere

* find cut out pieces in the form of embroidery to soften a cut out look *

[ top: Forever 21. shorts: Zara. sandals: BCBG]


Exotic . . Refined . . . . . Fierce .

Let the warm weather bring out the FIERCE in you .

It’s easy to find exotic prints lately- be sure to find the right ones !

flow on

* pair subtle/busy patterns with a bold bright accent *

[ top: Prevett. jeans: Guess. sandals: Banana Republicbelt: BCBG. ]

wild thing

* pair a blazer to any wild top to it tone down, when necessary ! *

top: Stacy Frati 21. blazer: Calvin Kleinjeans: Guess. boots: Nine West. belt: H&M. ]

subtle charm

* add alluring accents to a more tasteful look *

top: Forever 21. skirt: Forever 21. sandals: Marc Fisher. necklace: Forever 21. wristlet: Francesca’s. ]

bold and beautiful

* who ever said jackets and coats couldn’t have prints? *

[ jacket: New York & Co. boots: Nine West. belt: BCBG. ]

polish me wild

* pair a busy top with solid bright pants for a polished but fun look *

top: BCBG. jeans: Guess. sandals: Banana Republic. purse: Prada]

simply wild

* take one piece out of your every day look, and replace it with a wild print *

top: Vince Camutojeans: Guess. boots: Nine West]

leopard, leopard, leopard.

* it IS possible to find the perfect leopard dress *

dress: Forever 21boots: Enzo Angiolini. belt: Zara. ]

Stay Fierce !